Playing with Hugo

I had this bit of a weird thought the other day.

I'd switched my blog to Wordpress a little while back. The site had been running Drupal, and since we switched from Drupal to Wordpress at work, it's a great opportunity to mess around with the same platform and do some learning as I went.

The problem is, is that I'm just not motivated to be a Wordpress developer or site builder. I'm much more enjoying the sysadmin/netadmin thing than being a PHP developer.

So, that left me with a likely out-of-date Wordpress installation for a site that wasn't getting regularily used.

Why not a static site?

A quick google search suggests that Jekyll might be one of the more common static site generators, but also that it might be one of the slower ones. It also seems apparntly lacks some community support and involvement, so here I am trying Hugo out for size.

I am already using a static site generator for my gallery site (which is not being updated...), so the concept isn't too foreign.


I'm also using this platform as an excuse to mess around with some automations that I should probably know about. So far, I've got it wired up so that when I push this site to my remote repository, it generates the static site, and puts it in it's own place! It's like it's magic!

More on that later, maybe.